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Visiting Tajikistan is easy. Dushanbe has flight connections with several airports in Europe and Asia. Currently comfortable flights to Dushanbe are once a week directly from Frankfurt, Germany by Somonair carrier and three times a week from Istanbul using Turkish Airlines.

Citizens of most countries can easily obtain their visa online. The official website by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is: Be sure to apply for tourist visa (invitation not required). Most of the conservancies are located in the districts of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO). The necessary special permit can be obtained together with the electronic visa. Follow the instructions at the website.

All necessary permits for hunting and for the importation and re-export of hunting firearms and ammunition will be obtained by H&CAT and sent by Email to the visiting hunter. H&CAT will pick you up at the airport and assist with all procedures. Ungulate trophies can be shipped via an EU-registered company. Boar tusks can be exported by the hunters without prior notification to import authorities. For CITES listed species (argali and urial sheep, markhor) H&CAT provides advice and assistance with obtaining the required export and import permits.

In Tajikistan the journey starts from the international airport of Because of the remoteness of the hunting areas, poor road infrastructures and sometimes difficult weather conditions, especially in winter, a relatively long travel by road is necessary. Markhor and wild-boar areas can be reached from Dushanbe in half-a-day drive. Areas with Asiatic ibex and Marco Polo sheep will require 1 to 2 day drive through scenic landscape.

For visitors of the Pamirs travel via Osh in Kyrgyzstan (once a week connected via Istanbul by Turkish Airlines) can be an attractive option. The road from Osh to the Pamirs passes the scenic landscape of the Alay mountains in Kyrgyzstan, which are worth a visit on their own and where similar community-based initiatives since 2014 started to replicate the successful experience from neighboring Tajikistan. Please check in advance with H&CAT!

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