The conservancies managed by the members of ANCOT provide excellent touristic opportunities. You can come for short visits of a day or less, but you can also spend longer and more intensive time in the conservancies and enjoy landscape, wildlife and spend time with the local people. You can also do birdwatching and observe and photograph wildlife. Visiting the communities in the conservancies will show you the regional cultural diversity of the Tajik, Pamiri (Bartangi, Shughni and Wakhi) and Kyrgyz ethnic groups, and you will see how traditions and environment influence architecture, land-use and lifestyle.

You can go for hikes or longer trekking in all conservancy areas. For carrying your luggage you can rent donkeys. In the areas in Shuroabad you can rent horses, in Alichur in the Eastern Pamirs you can even get yaks for riding. The organizations managing the conservancies will provide you with experienced guides.

There are also excellent mountaineering opportunities in the conservancies. The area of Zong is a good starting point for climbing famous Peaks Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. From Darshay you can get to Peak Mayakovskiy. Also the conservancies in Alichur, Ravmeddara, Zighar and in the Hazratishoh Mountains provide exciting opportunities for mountaineers.

In all conservancies you can find accommodation in homestays or guesthouses in the villages. Some conservancies have yurts in the mountains. And you can of course camp out with your own tents or just sleep under the sky and enjoy the stars!

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