Research Center

Research in Conservancies of H&CAT

H&CAT and its members and partners see research as an important tool to improve conservation and sustainable use of wildlife and its ecosystems. The conservancy areas provide a huge research potential with their wildlife populations and the interactions between humans, biodiversity and the ecosystem as whole. H&CAT promotes  all research opportunities.

The conservancies and their wildlife populations are also used for various other studies related to veterinary health of animals, population structure, habitat use, interactions between various species and direct and indirect human impact on wildlife and ecosystems.The managers and hunting guides assist in the proper taking of samples and in the documentation of hunting trophies and body features of harvested animals.

Population monitoring is an important tool for sustainable hunting and wildlife management based on reliable data. Surveys of wildlife are conducted annually or biannually by the members of H&CAT with involvement of officials from the state agencies in charge of nature conservation and wildlife management, scientists from the Academy of Sciences and experts from national and international NGOs. The most recent survey data on population numbers and demographic structures for each specific area, under consideration of trends, are also used for the setting of hunting quotas. We also do monitoring of snow leopard and other species to assess the conservation results achieved in the conservancy areas.

Some publications and reports on research and wildlife monitoring can be found in the download section of the website of the Tajikistan Mountain Ungulates Project.

Research documents