I’m Piia, originally from northern Finland but nowadays living in the Yukon, Canada. I’m passionate about conservation and how it’s made possible in different parts of the world. I also love exploring all kinds of ecosystems, and I’m driven to study their changes. I feel lucky that I’m able to include these passions in my everyday life, both working as a GIS specialist for the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, and in my free time, which I spend hiking, skiing, running, wildlife viewing and photographing. Fishing and hunting have also been a family tradition all my life, and I continue to live that lifestyle with my partner in the Yukon.

I got to know Panthera’s work while I was volunteering in Kyrgyzstan in 2017 and was as mesmerized by the organization’s ambition to support conservation in areas where political, social and even geographical challenges can be great, as I was by the beauty of those Central Asian mountains and wildlife. Tajik Women and Conservation Initiative is a unique project and includes goals, like social equality and well being, and protection of beautiful environments, that I feel are important; I’m proud to be part of their development. I have plenty of outdoor skills and experiences I’d love to share, particularly around long-distance hiking and wildlife viewing. I’m especially looking forward to sharing stories and knowledge and learning new skills from everyone involved with the project.