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Tajikistan mammals and birds tour

This 18-day birding and mammal watching tour takes you to the most untouched parts of Tajikistan. You will see many bird species and the most notable mammals of Tajikistan

3 days Hazratishoh mountains hiking

Within three days you will observe the beauty of the unique mountainous landscapes and wildlife which make this trail especially interesting

Pamir Highway Wildlife Safari

Among the famous Pamir Highway, you will discover the amazing mountain views, different local cultures and traditions, feel the Tajik hospitality. Mammal watching and bird-watching will make you fall in love with the Pamirs

Bartang valley Expedition Trek. High Peaks and Glaciers of Pamir

You will be taken to the mountains of Central Asia Biodiversity Hotspot and a unique point of wildlife. You will see the Asiatic Ibex, Marco Polo Sheep, and Snow Leopard and an alpine, often endemic, flora uniquely adapted to high altitude and have a chance to see several High peaks and glaciers

Tajik National Park trekking, Bulunkul to Sarez lake

In this high-altitude trek, you will see everything that the Pamir mountains can offer. You will see beautiful landscapes, alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, and amazing wildlife. While trekking, you will cross several rivers and meet traditional herders