Munira Karamkhudoeva


Munira Karamkhudoeva recently joined Panthera Khorog Tajikistan office as a Project Manager. I am biologist/entomologist by profession and conservation and sustainable management of nature resources one of my interest areas.

Pamir region of Tajikistan is hub of unique biodiversity including flora and fauna with endangered species like snow leopard, brown bear, markhor, marco polo etc. There is need to conserve these unique wild life resources for present and future generations though engaging community in management process.    This is only possible if the project team and community members will work together and for this there is a need to create general awareness   and capacity building of the community particularly the woman groups.

Once we created the awareness among the people and improve their technical knowhow then we will be able to conserve and better manage our wildlife recourses on sustain basis in the Pamir region.