Kelli Poole


Kelli Poole and is a graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Ecology and management.  She has spent her professional career working for different state wildlife agencies, including Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.  She has worked on several different wildlife projects including black bear population trends, sharp tail grouse relocation, mule deer and elk migration survival and movement,  and Rocky mountain bighorn sheep production and recruitment.  She is currently employed in Southwest Colorado where she is collecting data on a wide variety of taxonomic groups of species ranging from large ungulates to small mammals and upland birds.

While biology has always been a big passion of hers, hunting is where it all began for her.  She has been hunting since she was young and has continued to hunt in her adult life.  She has been working on the skills to become a recognized hunting guide and accompanied her first bighorn sheep hunt last season in the Missouri Breaks in southwest Montana.  She has experience in hunting big game such as deer and elk, as well as small game, upland birds, and predators.  She is working with both Wild Sheep Foundation and Panthera to help train young women guides in Alichur, hoping to help the women learn about the skills of ethical hunting and guiding.

When she is not in the field hunting or collecting data, she enjoys wildlife photography. She enjoys hiking and backpacking while observing and learning as much as she can from the environment in the process.