Katharina Schilling and Laura Riedl


Both of us, Kathi and Laura, are passionate climbers, slackliners (slack-rope walking), travellers and teacher trainees. We are studying at the same university in Heidelberg, Germany, to become teachers for geography, theatre education, adventure-based learning and special needs education. Travelling in a responsible way for nature and the people of the country we are exploring, is very important to us.
In our home town, we are involved in several projects targeting sustainability by realizing ideas which improve our surroundings on a local level like increasing participation or saving food from being wasted.

Why H&CAT?

After travelling together in Iran in 2017, we became more aware and interested in the Persian language and culture. Tajikistan was already high on our wish list of “countries-we-would-like-to-visit-and-explore” due to its culture, language and nature. H&CAT gives us the opportunity to combine our passions and interests – all in one project.
During our time in Ravmed in summer 2018, we are going to exchange and share ideas about conservation and ecology together with travelling, hiking and camping with women and children of the community. In addition we are going to teach English as well as circus, slacklining and theatre.
By carrying out this project we hope to support the great work and aims of