Sustainable and well-regulated hunting is an important part of the conservation approach of ANCOT and its members. Sport hunting by international hunters can provide the necessary financial means to fund wildlife conservation in the conservancy areas and motivate local communities through investments in community development. The hunting offers marketed by ANCOT on behalf of its members are in accordance with the principles of conservation hunting, in particular through quota setting and selection of animals for harvest in a way that minimizes the impact on population numbers, demographic structure and genetics. We offer only fair chase hunts on wild ranging animals in natural populations and neither offer shooting in enclosures or on bred and released animals. We care about animal welfare and hunting ethics.

In Tajikistan, you will see large birds of prey, including golden eagles and bearded vultures.  These birds live by scavenging the carcasses of animals.  Eating fragments of lead bullets can poison these magnificent creatures.  As part of our conservation effort, we strongly recommend the use of non-toxic copper bullets on your hunt with us.

ANCOT assists its members in marketing the hunting opportunities provided by our members without taking a commission beyond the reimbursement of the accrued costs. Please look into our species offers and book a hunting trip, which will give you an exciting lifetime experience and support community-based wildlife conservation!


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