• Windbloc jacket
  • Gaiters
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Undershirt/long underwear top – zip neck style
  • Windbloc pants
  • Shirts
  • Windbloc gloves
  • Hat
  • Travel clothes (1 set – wear to and from camp/airport); camp shoes (for in town).
  • Good mountain boots
  • Sleeping bag – (-15 degree F or colder rating)
  • Thermarest
  • Day pack
  • Binoculars – (minimum of 8 power and 42mm objective) – Swarovski, Leica or Zeiss with rangefinder
  • Gun (300 Win. Mag.)
  • Camera – digital with extra battery and extra memory card
  • 2 headlamps w/extra batteries
  • 1 liter size plastic water bottle
  • Sunglasses w/head strap
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste
  • Small (1-2 oz.) liquid soap or shampoo.
  • Lip balm
  • Satellite and mobile phone
  • Electrical outlet adapter for Russian/European style outlets; 3 way splitter.
  • Energy bars
  • Airline tickets, passport (with at least several blank pages and at least 6 months before it expires, 2 passport photos, visa.
  • Copies of all ID and itinerary; copy of your firearm permit, hunting license, CITES.
  • Trophy fees, tip money and emergency cash (US Cash – $20, 50 & 100 bills; all NEW bills); Total Tips are typically 5-10% of hunt cost. And/or products for tips: headlamps with extra batteries, boots, clothes (hats, whites, gloves, socks)
  • All flights to Tajikistan should go through Istanbul, Turkey. Make sure tickets are issued on 1 itinerary and that all luggage (firearms and ammo) is check to final destination.
  • Complete client Info Sheet; email to our office manager, along with a scanned copy of your passport;
  • Cash – $100 bills, a some $20’s and $50’s – US Money, new for tips, trophy fee, VIP, shopping
  • Large Duffel, game bags, duct tape and garbage bags for transporting trophies if you’ll carry home
  • Important/emergency items in carry-on; wear warm boots; carry on not big or they’ll make you check it.
  • Emergency Meds – see Equipment list; Visit your doctor and get them; get physical before leaving.
  • Veterinarian Certificate, Hunting license from country (we will provide); need outfitter address/ph.
  • Photocopy all travel docs, CITES permit and ID; leave a copy with your family and bring copies

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