Ana-Maria Pavalache


Currently based in Switzerland, Ana finds balance between working as a part time social educator and spending as much time as she can playing in the mountains. Whether it’s trekking in Ladakh, ski touring in the Swiss Alps, backcountry camping and skiing in Lapland, rock and alpine climbing, as well as sailing the Pacific Northwest and practising yoga, Ana makes it her mission to get immerse into the nature to foster a true and vital understanding of our place in the world.
On the rest of her time, she is involved with various indigenous communities and conservation projects in diverse geographical settings, with a great focus on High Asia region.
After pursuing a successful career in the banking industry and graduating Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at School of Management Fribourg, she decided to switch courses and move into the humanitarian field working in community agencies, government departments and international organisations addressing issues related to communities or population that have been historically oppressed and marginalised. “